Acing the Interview

1. Research
  • Have solid knowledge about the employer, job requirements, interviewer etc.
  • More knowledge means that you know what is expected of you and that you care about the company
2. Arrive on Time
  • Be at least 15 minutes early
  • Arriving on time allows you to get settled and observe the workplace
  • Switch off your cellphone
3. Review Interview Questions
  • Prepare responses to common interview questions
  • Common interview questions and answers can be found on the web
  • Ensure your responses are concise yet detailed. Give examples where necessary
  • Do not memorize responses but rather create talking points
4. Be Focused, Concise, Genuine
  • Respond truthfully
  • Ensure responses are focused and speak about your knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA)
  • Keep responses short and precise (not too short)
  • Never speak badly about former/present employer, coworkers etc
5. Sell yourself
  • Speak about your knowledge, skills and abilities
  • Speak about how you can help the employer meet their goals
  • Convince the interviewer why you should be chosen and not any of the other job applicants
  • Ask about the step after the interview
6. Body Language
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Do not slouch
  • Listen actively
  • Speak clearly, do not mumble
  • Do not chew gum
  • Act genuinely interested in the job you are being interviewed for
7. Dress Appropriately
  • Select a wardrobe that matches the company and its culture
  • Keep it professional
  • Keep jewelry and accessories at minimum
  • Best colours for interview attire is dark conservative/mild colours - (navy blue, black, white, brown)
8. Ask Questions
  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewer
  • The web has a host of questions that you can ask
9. Thank the Interviewer
  • Thank the interviewer at the interview for interviewing you.
  • Send the interviewer a thank you note through email, preferably as it might be quickest method versus post
10. Remember, Make a Good First Impression
  • Be polite to all within the organisation as you meet them
  • Dress professional
  • Be on time
  • Ask questions
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